Interest Groups

Exploring California:
“The past is prologue to the present!” Exploring California is a study group learning about California’s colorful past with guidance from the extensive histories by Kevin Starr, as well as more localized sources, with input from some members who have grown up here. We meet on the third Mondays of the month, except for July, August, and December, at 9:30 am at various locations.  Coffee and light refreshments are served, along with lots of discussion. For more information, contact Debby Parks

Great Decisions:
This is a foreign policy discussion group that discusses 8 topics representing foreign policy issues from around the globe that are presented each year by the Foreign Policy Institute.  Topics are researched by experts in the respective fields, culminating in chapters collected in a manual with discussion questions. Members are organized into teams of 4 and each team is responsible for presenting on 2 topics each during the year. The group meets in January to receive manuals and organize for the year, then every Great Decisions Meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm. (except for July, August and December.)  Members may jump in at any time if they are willing to purchase a study manual for only part of the year. For more information contact Kathi Harper

Happy Hikers:

Meets the first Saturday of each month at 9:00 a.m.  Moderate hikes at various locations in North County. Great exercise and great company.   For more information contact Crystal Stebbins

Lunch Bunch:
Meets monthly on the Second Friday of the month at 11:45 am at local restaurants. For more information, contact Erica Heisler

Mah Jong:
This group meets monthly on the second Wednesday of each month at 1:00 pm. For more information contact Nelle Hefner

Mostly Books:
This group meets monthly at 1:00 pm on the fourth Tuesday of every month, in individual homes. Book titles for the year are voted on by members in June. For more information, contact Belle Bohn

Mystery Book Club:
Our mystery book group meets  monthly on the first Monday of the month at 1:00 pm. Come and enjoy. Be sure to bring some suggestions of mysteries to read during the year. For more information, contact Sing Baker

Play Reading:  DRAMA DIVAS 
This group meets monthly on the second Thursday of each month at 1:00 pm.  Each month we will read a play. It can be serious, humorous, or dramatic .  Afterwards we discuss the play.  We read 8 plays a year. All are welcome. For more information contact Annemarie Whalen

Meets the second Tuesday of each month at 1:00 pm. For more information contact Lynda Daniels