The AAUW FUND is a way to contribute nationally in support women and girls in a variety of
ways. Millions of dollars each year are awarded to women in fellowships and grants to continue
their education. This fund addresses the barriers that hinder women by championing equal
access to education and ensuring that education at every level is free from sex discrimination.
The legal advocacy fund supports qualified women with legal fees when they have been unfairly
discriminated against in the workplace. It ensures livelihoods for women through achieving pay
equity for women, providing salary negotiation and deepening women’s retirement security
and quality of life. AAUW FUND supports the effort to close the gender gap in leadership
opportunities by bolstering the participation of and increasing the number of girls and women
in leadership roles, particularly in education and the STEM fields.
It is a vital fund that speaks to the very essence of what AAUW is all about.